Car to walk in the welding , then lay the pros and cons of the switch , the car in the opposite …

Car to walk in the welding , then lay the pros and cons of the switch , the car in the opposite direction to walk , but the car still in the       .

A、welded condition      B、non-welded condition

The HIT-8SS car speed adjustment by adjusting the internal output A from the car.

A、voltage B、inverting frequency C、pulse width

If HIT-8SS car speed debugging external speed knob adjustment always less than the required value,

A、can      B、can not

When HIT- 8ss car red indicator light is bright, it representative A

A、 have input power     B、Car has an output
C、the car to be in an abnormal state protection

When lay the car stop switch,the car stop walking depend on the way C

A、Reverse connect output power brake B、output ground C、output disconnect , electrical grounding

The inverter welding machine welding arc A supply as a power source by car through 8R transformer

A、can B、can’t

Add the filter inductor to the KGDYDC24V power box I/O port ,it’s role is to ABC

A、make the input power is more stable

B、make the output power is more stable

C、prevent KGDY power box interference grid

To achieve the car pros and cons of walking,have to regulate the A of the car。

A、output positive and negative polarity

B、output DC change to AC

C、the transformation between the driving wheel and driven wheel

The two cores of The High brand car have access to the wire feeder that is for accessing the o

A、current signal B、voltage signal C、gun switch signal

The High brand car used C voltage for supplying to walk and swing.

A、AC380V B、AC220V C、DC24V

The double-arc phenomena,is B to plasma arc welding or cutting process.

A、advantageous B、detrimental C、uncertain

The argon tungsten-arc welding use the can take a minimum of tungsten burning

A 、DCSP      B、AC    D、DCEP

Gas shield welding should use B gas when in the use of aluminum wire.

A、CO2 B、argon C、nitrogen D、gas mixture